Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Baby Clothes

We have our (or should I say their) first baby clothes. The clothes just look so cute in the room we've designated as the nursery. We washed a few of the items to have them ready for the babies. How delightful to open the dryer, start folding the clothes and see those little items. Right now we have the pieces neatly folded away in the nursery waiting for someone to come along and wear them.

Some of the clothes seem so tiny. We've been around babies before, but I guess we've never paid attention to just how small the first articles of clothing are. It's hard to believe they will be that small. Of course, our three will probably be smaller than the average baby because there are three of them.

I guess we should enjoy washing and folding the clothes now before we are overtaken by the avalanche of dirty items that have to be washed.

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