Thursday, April 03, 2008

Goodbye High Chairs

This week we said goodbye to the high chairs. Actually just 2 of them. We replaced our small round table for 4 and 3 high chairs with a piece of furniture called a "breakfast nook". It's similar to this. The kids now sit in booster seats at the table.

The first morning we made the mistake of having all 3 sit beside each other. They were messing with other. That didn't last long. We now have just one on each side of the table. The biggest problem we have now is deciding where each one will sit. We usually have to rotate locations at each meal.

We left one high chair as a deterrent to acting up while eating. It seems to be a powerful motivator when we remind them that if they act up they have to sit in the "baby chair". Now that they have booster seats, the think they're too old for high chairs.