Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Two Weeks Notice

Here's the big news - the babies could be arriving within two weeks! That's the latest information from the doctor.

Based on the discussion we had with the doctor, they are still aiming for 34 weeks. If I make it to that point, they will schedule a C-section. If I go into labor before then, they'll just deliver the babies. I would prefer to make it to 34 weeks so we could schedule it. That way I would get my regular doctor rather than the doctor on call at the hospital. Who wouldn't want their regular doctor to perform the procedure?

My big concern was that they would want me to deliver the babies vaginally. I was told that with three babies, the most logical choice was a C-section, unless I want to try and deliver vaginally. (No thank you, I'll take the C-section.) The doctor said that delivering more than two without a C-section was a bit risky. They have to monitor all the babies during the delivery and it's a bit more difficult when there are more than two. They said I could start vaginally and then have to have a C-section for the other two. The way the babies are positioned now rules out anything other than a C-section anyway. Based on all of that, it sure sounds like a C-section is the smartest choice - safer for me and the babies.

We were told that I probably wouldn't need steroid injections for the babies. The doctor said they would only be given up through week 32. They would have to give them to me this week and they haven't decided to do that. They said the effects would be minimal after 32 weeks and the possible side effects wouldn't be worth the minor benefits that would be seen at this point.

The test at the hospital looked good again and they were very happy with the results. I'll still continue those twice a week until the babies are born.

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