Friday, June 10, 2005

Father Friday - Seat Checks

Yesterday was a big step toward the arrival of the babies. I took our car, with the three infant seats in it, for an inspection at a location approved by SeatCheck. For more information about this service, read what their website has to say.

I'm one of the few men that actually read instruction manuals, so I felt reasonably comfortable about installing the seats. Of course, why should I pass up an opportunity to have the seats inspected by a professional? They were very helpful. It's their job to look at the way you have the seats installed, remove them and then work with you to install them again. At each step of the process, they were offering helpful tips and information. I had the seats installed correctly, but they showed me some safety checks that I hadn't thought about it. They even demonstrated the proper way to place the babies in the seats and make sure their belts fit correctly. They told me once we change vehicles, car seats or just remove the seats and have a question about reinstalling them, that I shouldn't hesitate to stop back by. I highly recommend this service to everyone that has a child still in a car seat.

In case anyone is wondering, we have the seats installed in the back seat of a Toyota Camry. Yes, all three fit in there.

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