Monday, June 06, 2005


It's been an interesting weekend. We were at the hospital on Saturday night for about 6 hours while they monitored my contractions. They started on Saturday during the day and became more regular and closer as the day progressed. I called the doctor's office and they told me to keep monitoring them. If they didn't go away in one hour from the phone call, I was to go to the hospital. They didn't stop so that's where we went.

At first, I wasn't sure if they were true contractions or Braxton Hicks contractions. Once we arrived at the hospital and they started monitoring me, it was confirmed that they were real.

My belly has been so tight for so long, I must have missed the really minor contractions when they started. These were called moderate by the nurses at the hospital.

When I arrived, the contractions were about 7 or 8 minutes apart. By the time I left the hospital, they were about 15 - 20 minutes apart. While I was there, they checked my cervix twice and it was still closed both times. They were very happy with that and so was I.

They seem to think that my uterus is just so large that it has started contractions because it thinks it's time to deliver the babies. They said I could continue to have contractions from now until the babies are born. They have actually been happening off and on since I left the hospital. I just have to keep a check on them and if they start to increase in severity or get really close to each other (about 1 or 2 minutes apart), then I have to head to the hospital again.

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