Wednesday, June 08, 2005

One Test Completed

I finished the first nonstress test (NST) yesterday. The doctor reviewed the results and was happy with them. He said all 3 babies passed the test. They finished the test in order of size - Baby A, Baby B and then Baby C. I still have to go back on Friday and twice next week for more of the same.

During the test, they were able to monitor the heartrates of the babies, their movement and the contractions I'm having. I learned something interesting yesterday. According to the doctor once a uterus gets to the size that it considers a full term pregnancy, it starts contracting. That's where I am now due to the 3 babies seeming like a full term pregnancy. He said that if the cervix didn't react to the contractions, it could provide more time for the babies to stay in. He said at some point the contractions could lessen slightly, therefore allowing more time for the uterus to grow and get larger as the babies grow more too. The human body is amazing.

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pregnancyweekly said...

Totally amazing!