Friday, June 24, 2005

Father Friday - "Firsts"

I've been thinking about the first time we'll get to do things with the kids. Here's a short list of a few of the "firsts" I'm looking forward to.
  • The first time we take them for ice cream
  • The first time I can sit and play my guitar and we sing songs together
  • The first time we get to blow soap bubbles
  • The first time we go to church together
  • The first time we get to run in the rain
  • The first time we get to jump in mud puddles
  • The first time we pull them in the little red wagon I had as a child
  • The first time we look at a rainbow and discuss the meaning
  • The first time we just sit and laugh
  • The first time I get to sit and hold all of them on my lap
  • The day we bring all of them home

It won't be very long until we start working on that list.


Anonymous said...

How about the first time they say dada? You will never be the same.

Alice said...

or "I love you".

Anonymous said...

Or, the first time you buy them candy....
Or, the first SKIP class at the Y.

pregnancyweekly said...

One of my favorites is the first laugh and the first grab of your finger.

Grandpa Evans said...

And some more "firsts" from one proud Grandpa.

The first time I get a big hug from all of them at one time.

The first time they ride their daddy's peddle car & tricyle he had when a little boy.Also a big toy box full of Tonka Toys to play with. What memories that will bring back!

The first time I get to pull them in the cart behind the lawn mower.

And so many other first, I couldn't begin to name them.

But the most important: when they're old enough to tell them about their Grandma, who went to live with Jesus 11 years before they were born. How proud she would have been, how much she would have loved and spoiled them.