Friday, May 13, 2005

"Father Friday"

We've decided that unless we have some big news to report, Fridays will now become "Father Friday" - a time to post some of the ideas and observations I've had about pregnancy. There is no big news to report today about the mother and babies. We're still waiting on the results from the latest glucose test.

Here's my first topic - Things I've discovered so far during the pregnancy.

  • People are both shocked and interested by the idea of multiples and they can't seem to talk about them enough.
  • Too many pieces of maternity clothing have to be ironed.
  • Gift bags and tissue paper should not be made with glitter on it. It goes everywhere.
  • I enjoy grocery shopping. It's like some type of challenge to get everything on the list and get out of the store as soon as possible.
  • When you have babies on the way, everyone sends you something in the mail to try and get you to buy their product, subscribe to their magazine or buy their insurance.
  • You can get 8 pillows and 2 people in a bed at the same time.
  • God must be preparing you for sleepless nights with children during pregnancy because when the mother isn't sleeping, you probably aren't either.
  • I could sit for hours with my hands on the mother's belly and enjoy feeling the babies move.
  • I think it's just adorable every time I remove a piece of baby clothing from the dryer.
  • It's okay to ask for help because you can't do everything yourself. Actually I seem to keep learning that over and over.
  • You can sit in a classroom full of people and talk about breastfeeding without being embarrassed.
  • Picking a doctor for your babies is a tough decision.
  • There's nothing I wouldn't do for my wife and now my children.

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