Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Doctor Update

It was back to the doctor yesterday afternoon. The babies and I were checked. The heartrates for all 3 were great. They attempted to guess the weight of the babies again based on the measurements they took. The boy is now around 3 pounds and 5 ounces. The first girl is between 2 and 3 pounds. The second girl has grown some, but not as much as the other two. She's just above 2 pounds. She's the one they want to keep a closer check on. In 2 weeks, they'll do another ultrasound and check measurements. If her growth is steadily continuing, the doctor said he wouldn't be too concerned about her. If her growth has slowed even more, they'll want to do more tests to see if they can determine the problem with her growth.

My big question yesterday was this - "How much longer am I going to go?". We discussed how the average birth time for triplets is around 32 weeks. Some people go to 34 or 35 weeks, but not usually. The doctor really wants me to go 32 weeks because studies have shown that babies born at that point are usually just as healthy as babies born at 37 weeks. So I guess I'll just keep on coasting along for at least 3 more weeks.

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pregnancyweekly said...

Whew! 3 more weeks!