Friday, March 31, 2006

Father Friday - I'm Addicted

This week, we were given a container of Gerber Fruit Puffs for the kids. We're not sure if they like them or not. Sometimes they'll eat a few and sometimes they won't. I tried one after we opened the container, and let me tell you, I'm addicted to them. These are the strawberry-apple flavor and they remind me of Boo Berry cereal. I could eat them with milk for breakfast. The mother keeps telling me I need to stop eating them so the kids will have some. Don't tell her, I'm eating some while typing this.


Anonymous said...

Try the Gerber Mini Fruits. It is freeze dried fruit. My son eats the apples like there is no other food on earth. They also have strawberry and banana, or corn. (The corn is so-so).

Chelle said...

I'm trying to remember what I loved so much of theirs. It was some kind of fruit chewys. (for babies) They were SO good. I had to stop myself from eating them, because they were too expensive for me to eat.