Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Boot Camp For Everyone

No, we don't yell at the kids like this
We're all in training starting today. We've been feeding the kids at staggered times (about 40 minutes apart) just to make it easier for one person to feed them. That kind of worked, but it sure caused havoc with the nap times. One wanted to sleep and two didn't or two wanted to sleep and one didn't. It was very stressful. This morning, everyone was up and in their high chairs at the same time to start simultaneous feedings. We just moved from one kid to the next, spooning in food. When they finished with the solids, we gave them their Podee bottles and helped them keep the nipples in their mouths while they drank. It went okay this morning. They all finished at about the same time and were napping at the same time. Keep reading. We'll keep you updated.


Anonymous said...

Be patient soon they will be feeding themselves.

Chelle said...

Great job!!! Soon you will be throwing cheerios on the floor and letting them fend for themselves. :)