Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The Price of Baby Formula

In addition to the breast milk the babies are getting, they are eating a baby formula made especially for preemies. It's a higher calorie formulation designed to "pack the pounds" on their little bodies. We've been amazed at the price. Even searching on the internet, we can't find it for a lower price than we can purchase it at local stores. We've contacted the local stores to see if we can purchase unopened cases at a discounted price, but they have been unwilling to go along with that. I can't help but believe the prices could be lower. You know it's really bad when you find baby formula coupons for auction on eBay or read stories about stores locking up formula because people are stealing it and returning it for a large cash refund.


Anonymous said...

you need to contact Amie Martin to get those formula coupons

Anonymous said...

They have preemie formula called Enfa-care. If you buy 3 or more cases it is $65 per case instead of $76. It is 48-3fl.oz containers. Don't know if you are using that or Similac formula for preemies.

PS coupons are on the way via snail mail.