Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The Minivan Cometh

In an attempt to use the cars we have to the fullest, we've been loading all 3 babies into the back seat of our Toyota Camry and putting the stroller in the truck. It works, but it isn't the ideal situation. We had hoped to put off the minivan purchase longer, but it's really a hassle to try and load everything into the Camry. It's time to start shopping and get a vehicle large enough for 5 and all the accessories. Hey, at least we made it a month with our current cars.


Anonymous said...

May I suggest Carmax. I got a really good deal with my trade (500 more than I expected) and a 3 yr 30000 mile warranty on my new/used car I purchased from them.

PS I have a coupon you can get $75 towards oil changes, etc. if you give them my name when you purchase.


lori said...

Talk to Tommy Hooker from church. He is the manager of Bob Neill Pontiac and gives members of Pinedale a great deal with vehicles. He will even keep his eyes open to find the right kind of used minivan if that is what you want. We purchased our Toyota Sienna van from him and he gave us a great deal.