Thursday, April 28, 2005

No sleeping positions are comfortable

I can't seem to get comfortable anymore and sleep. If I try either side, the babies seem to slide down in my belly and cause pain. I can't lie on my back because this decreases bloodflow. If I try a semi-sitting/leaning position, I think I'm still affecting the bloodflow because my hands start to tingle. I can't seem to find anything that works and no matter how many pillows I try, nothing seems comfortable.

This problem led me to the following thought. Okay, here's a moneymaking idea for someone. Why not develop a sleep study for pregnant women? A nurse/sleep consultant/doctor could watch the positions that a pregnant women sleeps in and try and help them find the most comfortable positions that cause no problems for the mother or the babies. I think it would be a very lucrative career for someone. It would be worth paying to find a comfortable sleep position, if one exists.


pregnancyweekly said...

Now I'm only carrying one, while you are carrying three, but sometimes I sleep on the couch because it has the firm support I can lean against to have behind my back. You might want to try it?

Alice said...

When I was pregnant and sleeping on my side, I used 2 pillows. One underneath my belly to keep it from pulling my back muscles and one under my knee to keep it from pulling on my side/back area. It really helped. Also when laying on my back, I would position a pillow under my knees to flatten my back against the bed.