Friday, April 22, 2005

Babyproofing the home

We've tried to start babyproofing. We're doing the usual stuff - covers on electrical outlets, moving the cleaning supplies, etc. All this may be in vain. According to "Raising Multiple Birth Children: A Parents' Survival Guide", multiples learn how to climb on each other and get on top of furniture and other things. According to a story we read in the book, the father stepped out of room for a few minutes and when he came back, one of his triplets was on top of the buffet and the other two were standing there looking at her. He said you could see their minds working, trying to figure our how they could get up there. This should be fun.


pregnancyweekly said...

How cute! And somewhat scary. :)

alshep4644 said...

Stephen taught Jennifer how to make steps out of the drawers in the kitchen cabinets. We had a set that went to the floor. She found the Cutco knives and took one. Very scary! When I got through with her, she did not bother them again!