Tuesday, September 12, 2006

New Toys = New Fights

We introduced a new walk behind toy this weekend that I bought at the Moms of Multiples consignment sale. We already had two and needed one more so everyone could walk with them at the same time. As soon as we put it out, everyone had to play with it right then. No sharing. They just swarmed around it like bees to a flower. They started fussing at each other and biting each other to try and get each other away from the toy. It was a nightmare.

Now that the newness of the toy is gone, they aren't as bad playing with it. This makes me think of another problem that hasn't occurred yet. If they are like this now with one toy, what will they be like at Christmas this year with more than one new toy?


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, that never really ends. Mine still fight over a new toy.

ChicagoGal78 said...

At least at Christmas they'll all have THEIR OWN new toys! So... my question is this... will you buy them different toys, toys to share, or the same toy only in different colors?? Do your triplets have their own color?