Thursday, September 14, 2006

Marathon Training

When someone starts training for a marathon, they always start small. Maybe a half mile run, then a mile, a mile and a half and on and on. They keep working until they build up their strength and endurance. I think the same applies to being a parent of multiples. You start out thinking I can't handle this. Eventually you develop your strength and endurance. Before you know it, you're doing more than you thought possible. It isn't easy at that point, but you're marveled at what you can do.

I thought of this because of what I've seen when people come to visit and help with the kids. They might only be there for an hour or more, but in that amount of time, you can tell they aren't used to "running the race". It shows when they get ready to leave. They seem exhausted and overwhelmed at everything that has happened during the time they were there. And to you, it's just something you're used to doing every day.

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