Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Sippy Cups

We've been trying to transition the kids to sippy cups from bottles. It's been a slow process. They drink juice well from a sippy cup, but they don't do well with milk from one. No difference in the cup, just the contents. We can't figure it out. We just keep being patient and try to help them get used to milk from the cup.

Oh, the mysteries of parenthood.


Eli said...

Hello.. :) I have a 10 month old that I've been trying to transition to sippy cup full time too. She'll drink water out of it fine, and formula from it as long as it's not before going to sleep. If we try to use a sippy cup before her naps or bedtime she won't drink from it. Guess she's used to the bottle before being put to bed. Hopefully she'll transition soon. Good luck to your three! :)

Anonymous said...

Just keep offering it and don't offer the bottles. They probably just associate milk with bottles and will adjust quicker if you don't give in. With my son, I had to add Carnation instant breakfast to sweeten the milk a little and now he drinks it fine. Good luck

CINDY said...

I understand patience runs thin with 3. I also believe its association (bottles=milk and juice=sippies). Stick to your guns, with no extra sweetners, and they WILL give in (sooner or later).