Wednesday, August 30, 2006


When you have one baby at a time, I just can't imagine you can keep up with exactly who did what and at a certain age. It's amazing to watch the kids develop at different rates. The doctor told us early to not compare them because they would develop at different rates, and it's happening. We see little things that occur and each one is doing something at a different time. Right now, Squeaky is so close to walking, Blondie is just starting to stand on her own and Little Man seems to have no interest in any of that. It would be hard to remember this if they were different ages and we wouldn't see how differences occur as each one grows.

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Village-Idiot said...

I have the same experience with my twin boys. They're so different but so the same.

I'm curious to see if your children develop alliances with you or you spouse. My two formed alliances, Sean with Me, Ryan with my wife. It was like that for a long time till Ryan realized that my Christmas stocking was red like his... then the alliance switched. Now it looks like Ryan is becoming his own independent man and Sean is switching back to being Daddy's boy.