Monday, May 15, 2006

Lonely Little Man

Saturday night, Blondie, Squeaky and I went to a Mother's Day dinner at church. The father and Little Man were left at home. It was during that time that we realized how close the kids already are.

When the father was trying to feed Little Man, he refused to eat and kept looking at his sisters' high chairs. He knew they weren't there and that things were different. It was only after the father took him to an exersaucer that he would eat. It must have been the change in scenery because he wasn't expecting his sisters to be there beside him eating in the exersaucer. When the girls and I came back home, he was so excited. You could really tell they are a close trio.

1 comment:

CINDY said...

aawwwwwhhhhh :^) how sweet!!!
Like, how else is it suppose to be, other than the 3 of us? All is well in the world.