Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Hidden Camera?

When we pull out the camera or video camera, it always attracts the attention of the kids and they stop doing what we're trying to capture. We try to be sneaky with the cameras, but they always seem to catch us. We need to work on some type of hidden camera. Maybe hide it in the middle of stuffed animals or something like that. Any ideas?


Chelle said...

We haven't found anything yet. My kids want to be the director or the cinematographer, they can spot it a mile away.

CINDY said...

We made the misstake, it only took one time, in letting the girls see the prev. taken pic/video on the LCD display. After that, they wanted to SEE the LCD every time the camera appeared - BEFORE any pic taken.
suggestion: the more frequent they see the camera, the less fasination it will have, hopefully.