Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Germs and Multiples

I'm a germ
Germs and multiples aren't a good combination. When one gets sick, the others probably will too. With triplets, you're looking at about 2 weeks of illness by the time it spreads and everyone is on the mend. We usually try to avoid situations where we know they can catch something.

This past Sunday, we rushed to get to church only to find out that someone in the nursery was sick. Squeaky had just recovered from a cold. We decided it wasn't worth it to leave them in the nursery and run the risk of somebody getting sick. Why do people bring out their kids when it's possible for them to spread an illness? I guess if you only have one child, it isn't a big deal if they get sick. They get better and things are back to normal. That isn't the case with us. Like the Energizer bunny, that illness just comes going and going until everyone is sick. That's why we try to be extra careful with illness.

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Anonymous said...

I agree 100%. We have stayed out of church for 4 months because everytime we went Jacob got sick and we were out 2 weeks. Finally made a comeback last sunday and Shannon is sick. Can't win. But I agree that people don't consider other peoples children when they take sick kids to church or school. We stay home.