Monday, November 07, 2005

Walk A Mile In Our Shoes (The Weekend of Baby Meltdowns)

It all started like a normal weekend. We went Saturday morning to get a photo made for Christmas. The rest of the day was calm. It was only around early evening when things started getting ugly.

Little Man was napping and his pacifier fell out. Instead of just continuing to sleep, he started crying. I don't mean a small cry or whimper. I mean a full scale, bust your eardrums cry. We both took turns trying to calm him. There wasn't much we could do to console him. He cried so hard he made himself throw-up. He calmed down some after this. About this time, Squeaky started crying. Each of us had one of them and we did our best to get them to stop crying. We thought things would get better. How wrong we were.

It was Little Man's bath night, so we decided to go ahead with one because he seemed calmer and he needed it now. Big mistake. He started crying near the end of the bath. He didn't want to eat. He didn't want to stop crying. What did he want??? We were finally able to get him calm enough to eat some and he went to sleep and so did we suddenly realizing that we hadn't been able to eat dinner because of all the crying and baby calming.

Sunday started off like a good day too. Nothing much to say about it until we started the final feeding. Little Man drank his full bottle and was happy. This was not going to be the case for Squeaky and Blondie. Little Man had done most of the crying the night before and now it was their turn. I don't remember who started first, but eventually both of them were crying and spitting up. We went round and round with them trying to calm them. We took turns with each them and did our best to calm them. They eventually stopped crying and went to sleep.

What a weekend. We haven't had two bad nights like that in a long time.


Chelle said...

Oh little punkins! I'm sorry you had a cryingfest at your home over the weekend. Is this a normal cry or do you think they are getting sick?

the parents said...

this wasn't a normal crying fit. we've seen no indications that they are getting sick. we're wondering if they could be teething.

The Curletto Family said...

I've been there - although with only two babies. We decided, with our ped., to simply cut out pacifiers. I was a little nervous, but we went cold turkey with the sleep training. Initially tough (as you could well imagine), but now it's a cinch!