Friday, November 04, 2005

Father Friday - Washing Clothes

It's amazing how much laundry you wash with multiples. We wash at least one load of clothes every day during the week just to keep the laundry baskets (yes, one for the parents and one for the kids) at a reasonable level. It's two or three loads each day on the weekends to get the baskets empty. You have lots of bibs and burb clothes, outfits that get spit-up on them, day clothes and night clothes, blankets and more. People told us we should keep a count of how many diapers we use for all of them. I wish we were keeping a count of the loads of laundry.

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Chelle said...

Oh do I remember those days. It does get a little better in that the laundry begins to not be so "urgent". You still will have lots of laundry, but on some of those bad days you can actually skip a day or two. :)