Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Doctor Doctor, Give Me The News

Well, except for the father, we've all been to the doctor this week. I had an appointment on Monday. The doctor was happy with everything and I seem to be well on my way to a complete recovery.

The babies went to the doctor yesterday. The pediatrician was happy with the way they were developing. Here are their latest weights - Little Man - 8 lbs 13 oz, Squeaky - 8 lbs 1 ounce, Blondie - 7 lbs 3 oz. They've grown bunches since they were born.

They also had their next round of immunizations. It was not a fun time. Each baby had 5 injections. It was really too much for a parent to endure. Like all babies, they were not happy with the shots. We were passing out the Tylenol. After a few restless hours of off-and-on crying, they seemed to have a peaceful night.


Anonymous said...

They are getting so big so fast. You must be loving all the new things they are starting to do, smiling and looking for you... It goes by so quickly, enjoy every sleepless moment, it won't last forever.

me29 said...

where's Aunt Ellen??? In those pics!! They are really growing and look so good. God Bless!!!!!