Tuesday, February 20, 2007


It's time to get rid of them. We've let the kids have them long enough and we're working on a plan to get rid of them. For a long time, they've only had them at nap time and bed time. It's time for them to go away. Maybe it will be easy. Maybe not. Any suggestions?


Vyvy said...

i like the idea of getting rid of the pacifiers early. I've seen kids around 4-5yrs old still moving around sucking their pacifier. I don't think it looks nice and I'm not sure whether it will affect the growth of their teeth.

Anyway I am fortunate that my son simply decided he don't need it after I fail to replace his missing pacifier when he was about 18months old

Anonymous said...

With my nephew, he was about 18 months old and we went on vacation. We somehow lost his binky and had to buy one at the local pharmacy. The only kind they had were the really big, ugly, old-fashioned kind (probably the kind our parents used). Anyway, when he stuck it in his mouth, we all laughed so hard, he spit it out and never took another one.