Monday, November 27, 2006

More Climbing

The father was sitting in the floor Saturday morning with the kids when he noticed Blondie doing the following - She moved the push car to a tote we have in front of an end table. He watched to see what she was going to do. Within a few seconds, she had climbed to the top of tote from the push car and was headed for the top of the end table before the father picked her up and stopped her climbing adventure.

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CINDY said...

Take a look back at my photo album on my blog of my twin granddaughters' climbing adventures. In the "12-24 month" album (left side of page).....dated Sept. 13, 2005 is our "late walker" standing on HungryHippo.....and another pic dated August 27th is our "brave one" climbing the bookcase in their playroom.
GOOD LUCK with YOUR climbers!!!! :^D