Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I've Never Heard Of That

Last week, Little Man was stricken was a case of Roseola. We had never heard of it before. I'm sure we'll run into more illnesses that are unfamiliar to us as the kids get sick at different times.


Anonymous said...

I have heard of it, but never had to deal with it. Hope he is doing better.

CINDY said...

Seems like "everytime I turn around", my grandgirl's mommy is looking up "5th disease" or "6th disease" in her book.
M had a TERRIBLE blotchy breadout last Spring, the blotches even moved around her body, her face so swollen she didnot look like herself at all!
And there is the "foot-n-mouth" disease that they have had several times. :^(
What will be, will be.....with multiples.

Anonymous said...

My twins had roseola a few months ago. The scariest thing about it is that a person is contagious for two weeks before there are any symptoms. Once the high fever shows up, they aren't contagious any more. And you don't know what it really is until the rash shows up a few days after the fever goes away. What kind of crazy illness is that?!

My youngest had it about two months after my twins, but I knew pretty quickly what it was having dealt with it recently!