Thursday, July 20, 2006

Out and About

Over the past few months, we've been doing a better job of getting out with the kids. Sure, we've been going to church, short trips to the park and stores and some street festivals, but I'm talking about going to restaurants to eat, extended periods at the park, things like that. It doesn't sound like that big of a deal, but it is. We have to plan what we need, pack it, get it loaded and then get the kids ready and loaded into the van. A short trip very quickly becomes a half day event. Here's a recap of some of our outings.

A few months ago, our first adventure at a restaurant was going to a barbecue place. (Yes, DML, you know where we're talking about.) They have picnic tables outside so it was easy to leave the kids in their car seats, put them on the table and enjoy our barbecue sandwiches. The kids enjoyed their Cheerios and the attention of the other diners.

One day we spent an extended period at the park. We pushed the kids around and just made the best of a day outside. That day we decided to count the comments we received from people. Within 30 minutes, we heard 22 comments from people about triplets. This has to be the funniest thing we heard - "Are they natural or did you do drugs?". How do you reply to that? "They're only 90% natural and 10% artificial." The best part of the day was meeting a mom with 5 year old quadruplet boys and a 7 year old daughter. It was fun sharing stories.

Last night, we went to a local pizza restaurant. This was only the second time we've been inside a restaurant to sit and eat. The kids were well behaved most of the time. After about 40 minutes, they started to get restless and we had to leave, but not before Little Man spilled a container of Cheerios on the floor. We hope the people cleaning the restaurant aren't too upset about that.

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