Friday, April 28, 2006

I Just...

I don't know why people like to do this. It's usually the parents that have one kid. They like to say something like "I just spent so many dollars on my kid for braces, camp, school, etc." You get the idea. After they finish that sentence, they usually say something like "Oh my. Wait until your kids get that age. You'll have to spend three times that amount." Thank you very much. I learned quickly how expensive it is with triplets. And just for your information, I've probably spent more money on diapers than you can even imagine.


CINDY said...

I understand how annoying and irritating people can be. They strike a nerve.
I try to look at expenses (for my twin grandbabies) this way.....the time period is NOT spread out through many years over various needs or extras as it would with 2 or 3 sigleton babies. We are getting the total blast all at once. Correct?

CINDY said...

ooppps sp wrong....not sigleton....intended singleton