Thursday, December 15, 2005

In The Minority?

When we didn't have kids, it seemed like we were in the minority. All our friends had kids and we just felt "out of place". Now we have triplets and we feel like we're in the minority again because most of our friends have one or two kids. Even if they have more, they aren't the same age. It's just different. Do any other parents of multiples feel this way?


Jen said...

YES! I know exactly how you feel about being in the minority. You know what also is soo frustrating being a triplet parent is when I do complain about something with the kids (we all do it..) my friends tell me "Well you should of known it was going to be have triplets you know." Makes me feel like I shouldn't complain or that I have no right complaining because I should of known it was going to be hard..but my singleton friends can complain all they want..

You have adorable children! A BIG congrats to your entire family! Stop by my website and see my 4 year old triplets! I can't tell you life will get just gets different and more fun!! :)

CINDY said...

Double YES here.Being a grandma to g/g twins,I like to brag about them to anyone who will "act" interested. Especially during their 1st 12 mo, I would try to convey on how DIFFERENT it is with twins, compared to 2 babies possiblly 9+ mo apart. OTHER(parents of singles) people just do not understand, & never will. Parents and grdparents to multiples are TRUELY BLESSED with a multitude of JOYS, which out weighs the difficulties!!!